EquiBase™ Arena Systems International, official arena and footing materials supplier for the 2008 Olympics, offers American riders the same world-class materials and installation expertise now in place for all 13 competition and warm-up arenas at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

World class footing is attainable – it is the marriage of appropriate sand and first-quality geotextiles & fibers. No matter your climate or use, we have the footing for your equine athlete.
Years of scientific research and development have produced a product with outstanding shock absorption, traction and drainage. These mats keep footing consistent, safe, and healthy for your horses.
Outdoor sub-base preparation uses gravel layers for optimum drainage. This layer is not necessary for indoor applications.

Four important elements combine to create this high-performance synergy:

  1. EquiBase™ Arena Foundation Mats, made from environmentally friendly 100% recycled PVC; provide outstanding shock absorption, footing traction, and surface drainage.  The top surface of the mats is made up of honeycomb-like depressions which help footing to stay in place, retain moisture and remain consistent. On the bottom, a tank-like tread, perforated with holes for drainage, keeps the mats securely in place. Each of the mats is a square meter, weighing 50 pounds.
  2. EquiBase™ Footing Mixtures are custom-blended from sand with the appropriate particle size, type, and shape for the type of arena, plus state-of-the-art footing amendments manufactured by EquiBase™ Arenas CEO and Partner, Wolfgang Bacher, specifically for arena applications. These geotextiles and fibers, manufactured from a variety of high-grade materials in different sizes and shapes, provide optimal water retention, impact resistance, and stability, plus prevent packing. They are extremely durable, therefore extend the lifetime of your arena surface up to ten years.  In addition they are reusable because of their quality and are easily recycled into fresh sand at a later date.  The completed blend affords the horse the sensation of traveling across an old forest floor, elastic and forgiving, yet hooves stay on the surface of the 3.5” structured footing.
  3. EquiBase™ Sub-Surface Preparation for outdoor arenas provides optimum site drainage (not required indoors) and arena longevity.  This step is far less involved than in conventional arenas as the EquiBase mats replace a big portion of the aggregates normally needed.
  4. EquiBase™ Arena Installation Expertise includes assistance with site preparation, sand selection, mat installation, footing blending and installation, and maintenance protocols.

EquiBase™ Arena Systems International brings every customer the trusted technical knowledge endorsed by Debbie McDonald and used by the 2007 CSIO Rome, HITS Thermal Indoor FEI Ring, DevonWood Equestrian Centre’s two FEI Indoor Rings, all four Old Salem Farm Competition Arenas totaling 120,000 sq. ft., as well as matting the 100,000 sq. ft. Grand Prix Field for HITS Ocala .

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