From the EquiBase Arena

Debbie McDonald says "The Thomases, Bob, and I are so encouraged to see EquiBase™ being used in more venues; it’s so important to the soundness of our horses. We are proud to endorse EquiBase™ – the product is amazing!”

Bob McDonald knows that Debbie "never has a spot of worry when she rides on EquiBase™ because she knows what's underfoot, and can be confident in every step Brentina takes."

Larry Langer, Zone 10 Jumper Committee Chairman in the HITS Desert Circuit Report:
"The footing in that indoor arena was nothing less than 'spectacular.' The entire arena had a honeycombed rubber base below the special sand mixture, and it not only allowed the horses to jump solidly with no 'cupping,' but encouraged sharp turns with no slipping.

Rich Fellers, after the 2008 World Cup Finals in Sweden, in which he placed second:
"I think the footing in the covered arena at HITS was a notch better than it was in Sweden," he said. "The EquiBase Footing System that was used inside of the covered arena in Thermal is the best footing that I have ever seen."

Joy Koch, EquiBase Arena Systems President and Partner: “The beauty of this system is that the base physically can’t break up and ruin the footing, yet, unlike conventional road base compacted to concrete like proportions, the EquiBase mats act like a professional suspended dance floor to absorb the shock and concussion, which relieves the horse of being on guard as he realizes there are no deep spots, slippery corners, bogs or ankle breakers.  One can ride that 20 meter circle or set a fence and jump it without ever moving it ‘till the cows come home and never, ever create a rut or punch through even during the most aggressive rainy seasons.”

Video of International level show jumping competition in the officially named ‘EquiBase Arena Systems Ring’ at HITS Thermal

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