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The Secret is IN and Under the Sand™

“The secret truly begins with the sand”, states Joy Koch, President of SmartFarm™ Headquarters, “as High Performance Footing mastered over 20 years ago by the Europeans begins with mined quartz/silica sands. The manufactured granite sands used here in the U.S. just don’t deliver the longevity and consistency that quartz does. We have partnered with regional quarries and mines throughout the U.S. to produce affordable quartz sand. SmartSand™ is available ‘off-the-shelf’, blended to international specifications with the appropriate particle size, type, and shape matched to the type of arena and discipline”.

  The type and quality of the footing additives are just as crucial to the success of the ride. EquiBase® Footing amendments are blended into the sand onsite. The GeoPad™ synthetic textiles provide optimal water retention, impact resistance, and stability, plus prevent packing. They are extremely durable, extend the life of your surface and are reusable because of their quality and are easily recycled into fresh sand at a later date. No cottons or other materials are used that rot or pulverize into dust. The completed blend affords the horse the sensation of traveling across an elastic and forgiving surface with the mechanical stability needed for athletic endeavors.
For those who require superior base construction, the world’s best competition venues and athletes rely on EquiBase® Arena Foundation Mats. The EquiBase® Mats give dressage horses’ confidence, spring and lightness with minimum effort; and jumping horses’ solid, consistent footing that allows them to execute quick turns at high speed and land with minimal concussion. Typhoon tested at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the EquiBase mat system has been used in Europe for decades.
The EquiBase® Mats, made from environmentally friendly 100% recycled PVC; provide outstanding shock absorption, footing traction, surface drainage and a permanent separation layer. The top surface of the mats is made up of honeycomb-like depressions which help footing to stay in place, retain moisture and remain consistent. On the bottom, a tank-like tread, perforated with holes for drainage, keeps the mats securely in place. Outdoors, the EASI mats replace a big portion of the aggregates normally needed when building a conventional road base.
The combination of the arena mats with appropriate sand and amendments creates stability, shock absorption, and above all consistency for your equine athlete.
SmartFarm™ Headquarters brings every customer the trusted technical knowledge appreciated by Olympic competitors during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and used by the 2007 CSIO Rome, 2008 EquiBase® Arena Systems FEI Ring at HITS Thermal & Ocala G.P. Ring, DevonWood Equestrian Centre’s 30,000 sq. ft. indoor rings and Old Salem Farm all-weather arenas totaling 120,000 sq. ft.

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